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      TV Advertising in the Membership Sector: Irrelevant, Expensive or Outdated?

      Innovations in how TV adverts are played to viewers mean that TV commercials can now be targeted, much the same as ads are targeted online! It’s finger lickin’ good.

      Targeted TV advertising does what it says on the tin … but has many benefits over online advertising, and all will be explained in this short session. With media budgets starting from just £4k, even micro businesses are using this affordable marketing channel to exploit exciting new opportunities, because every little helps.

      Join us for a short presentation from Sky TV.

      Hear how AdSmart from Sky can target the audiences that you want to get in front of. Hear from LIQUONA about the the creative and technical process involved, what makes a good ad and relevant case studies.

      So, have a break … and join us (because you’re worth it).

      Date: Wednesday 20th October

      Time: 8.30am

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