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      Auto-age™ Launches

      Your corporate video will NEVER again go out of date!

      After years of endlessly updating our client’s videos we decided to automate the process and so developed Auto-age; a revolutionary plug-in for professional edit software like Adobe Premiere.

      Until now our clients have frequently required content to be re-shot with new contributors, updated tech, new messaging and new brand guidelines.

      This is now a thing of the past.

      Auto-age harnesses the power of AI technology to automatically update any given video scene.

      Our Auto-age bots use all the major search engines* to trawl the web, scanning millions of images which are referenced against a client’s video.

      Here’s the process flow.

      1. The bots ‘learn’ what fashions and trends are featuring in a given scene in the source video. It isolates them as ‘dateable assets’ that can be ‘cut out’.
      2. In their trawl, the bots learn how these types of dateable assets have changed over the years e.g. how phones have changed, or how someone wears a hat in the 90’s versus 10 years earlier!
      3. The video editor simply applies the Auto-age plug in to select what date the content should now look like.
      4. The plug in pulls in replacement images from the web and places them over the dateable assets. These new images are automatically orientated, sized and coloured to fit with the existing scene.

      Here’s the science.

      Our primary binary algorithim on which Auto-age is based may look surprisingly simple to the untrained eye. That’s because it is!

      def binary_search(arr, value, offset=0)
      mid = (arr.length) / 2 if value < arr[mid] binary_search(arr[0…mid], value, offset) elsif value > arr[mid]
      binary_search(arr[(mid + 1)..-1], value, offset + mid + 1)
      return offset + mid

      Yep we know what you’re thinking now: “How ‘code’ you be so clever”?

      Truth is, we honestly don’t know.


      Invest Once. Get ROI for ever and ever!

      And soon we hope to give ROI for even longer time periods than that.

      Don’t keep going back to your production agency asking them to update your corporate video.

      Instead ask LIQUONAΒ  to apply Auto-age and you’ll never need to update it again.

      LOVE IT! LIQUONA you have done it again. You make the life of a corporate comms professional the life of dreams.


      Our CEO is nearing retirement. This amazing app means we can squeeze at least another few decades from our corporate video.

      Oh wait. What happens once they’ve ‘passed’… what imagery will the bots swap in then….?


      How do you say ‘Auto-age’. Is that French?


      Launch details

      Early BETA testing:Β  1st April 2022.

      Lodge your interest at

      Other world changing product launches announced by LIQUONA on the 1st April over previous years include our infamous and economically disastrous VR Suit .


      ™ Trade Mark pending. My email requesting one hasn’t been sent yet.

      *Major search engines include Google and