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      10 Clever Vines That’ll Make You Think Twice About Animation

      tion Vines!


      Animation is all too often seen as something saved for the young, fun and free, but we at LIQUONA know that simply just isn’t the case. Animated films have their place outside kids’ TV shows and are actually a fantastic way of displaying information, sending messages and most of all, engaging people. In fact, animations can turn dull, tired ideas into witty, inspiring and innovative pieces of information which are easily digestible and completely sharable.
      Forget cartoon characters and big budget features, there’s much more to the art of animation than you might think. Animation is one of the most incredible creations of modern day and you don’t need CGI to see why!

      1.The Ice Vine

      Mesmerising animations don’t have to cost billions. This animation just requires water – which you can get for free!

      2.The Traffic Vine

      Next time you’re on the open road forget about playing ‘I Spy’ to pass the time, why not try making your own version of this clever stop-motion instead?

      3.The Evolution Vine

      Simple, powerful and inexpensive. A message in mere seconds.

      4.The Start Small Vine

      Again, all this awesome animation required was a piece of paper and a lot of imagination.

      5.The Whimsical Vine

      Wit can sometimes come across better when no words are spoken or written at all. This is one of those times.

      6.The Iconic Vine

      Here’s a vine to get you thinking. This idea could be applied across pretty much any industry…


      7.The Emotive Vine

      Animations can put across emotions that other forms of media can’t. This is just one of the many examples out there of how you can portray all kinds of feelings effectively by using simple animation and a sprinkling of imagination.

      8.The Big Message Vine

      The best messages are not the ones that are forced upon you but the ones you’re led to instead.

      9.The Human Vine

      Of course, you don’t have to be restricted to animating inanimate objects – this vine featuring a girl works just as well and is brilliantly engaging!

      10.The Outside The Box Vine

      Rounding things off is this wonderful little vine which sends a powerful message in seconds but will be remembered much longer than your standard lunchtime blog post.