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      How to promote your video

      Firstly let me say that the way you will promote your video will depend on the video content and some things are not going to be appropriate, but here are some general principals.

      These points are aimed at B2B videos.

      Number 1 | How to promote your video

      The first one is very simple and doesn’t involve much leg work. Tell people about it! Get your staff to link to the video, show it around the office, show potential clients. Use the video in your presentations, have it on screens around your work.

      Number 2 | How to promote your video using FaceBook

      FaceBook. Use FaceBook to drive traffic to your video. The type of video will dictate the success of this. A internal comms message from a CEO isn’t going to become the next big thing on YouTube, but a product video or something more viral could be.
      Encourage your staff to link to the video from their FaceBook, tell your friends and family about your new video.

      Number 3 | How to promote your video using Twitter

      Twitter. Ok so another easy one, if you’re on twitter, then link directly to your new video from Twitter. At the time of writing this we have 6500 twitter followers. A large percentage of these people watch a video if we link to it.
      If you’re not on twitter, let me urge you to join! Look us up at @Liquona_Films

      Number 4 | How to promote your video using YouTube

      YouTube. This point is less about how to promote, and more about how to host your video. YouTube’s search, even though it’s powered by Google, is rubbish. The description, title and tags of your video are vital to get correct. Once a video starts to get momentum on YouTube, they will list you higher in searches, so you have to focus on getting the ball rolling. Think about what keywords are important to your video and use them multiple times in the description!

      Number 5 | How to promote your video using Email

      Email is still a very powerful tool. Even though the email platform feels very dated to me, and it hasn’t changed in 10 years. This means you’ll be unable to embed the video in the email, but you can put a thumbnail with a play button, when the user clicks play, it opens the video in a new window. You can use your email signature to link to the video, or add it to your newsletter.

      Number 6 | How to promote your video using QR codes

      QR codes are a brilliant way of linking print and digital media. Have a QR code linking directly to your video printed on your business cards, posters, banners etc.

      Number 7 | How to promote your video using USB sticks

      Apply the video to USB stick and get mass duplicates of it copied made. These can be sent to clients, used at trade shows etc etc.

      Number 8 | How to promote your video using your website

      An obvious one here, place the video on your own website, link to it. Promote it.

      Number 9 | How to promote your video, asking others

      If you can turn your clients into sales people then your be doing very well. This is an age-old marking technique that I don’t need to explain. But having the video will help them do this, tell your clients what it is that you do, tell them why they should tell others about what you do! You should also try to get into the niche communities that will share your video around.

      Number 10 | How to promote / use your video

      iPhone and iPad. Admittedly this is more about using your video than promoting it, but it’s all in the same genre. Have your video on your iPhone and iPad, be ready to show people. Use digital media to bring you closer to those around you by showing them your video.

      Some general notes on promoting your video. This will have very different applications for corporate video production, sales videos, product videos etc.