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      AI Quiz: Can you guess the iconic film in one word provided by ChatGPT?

      An interactive daily movie quiz has been launched by video production agency Liquona – and it puts humans to the test against artificial intelligence via ChatGPT.

      In the Movie Mania game created by Liquona, players are presented with a one word film plot description generated by AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT. The aim is to identify the film with as short a description as possible. The online quiz starts with a single word description, if the player doesn’t guess correctly, they are then shown a new two word description, all the way up to a seven word description. If after the seven word description the player hasn’t guessed correctly, then the AI has ‘won’.

      Once the quiz has ended, the player is then presented with an image that recreates a famous scene or a character from the movie. All of the images are all generated by AI using the same words presented to the player. The fully interactive game is updated daily.

      Liquona have named the game ‘Movie Mania’ as a play on words as it contains the word “man” for human and the letters “ai” for artificial intelligence.

      Liquona launched the quiz using the films ‘The Matrix’, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, ‘Ex Machina’, and ‘Terminator 2’ – all films with futuristic plots that involve machines taking over society. The game also includes recently released popular films ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’.

      So far, 87% of players have managed to beat the AI in guessing the name of the film before getting to the AI generated image, 31% of people got the answer right within three guesses and only 6% managed to guess correctly on the one word description.

      “Empowerment” was ChatGPT’s one-word description of the recent Barbie movie with “Doll’s liberation journey” being its three word description.
      Oppenheimer was described in two words by ChatGPT as “Scientific Struggle”, with its five word description being “Physics, War, Ethics, Personal Turmoil”
      The Matrix was described by ChatGPT in seven words as “A hacker’s journey into a simulated reality”

      Oliver Hall, co-founder and Director of Operations for Liquona says “Artificial intelligence has been in the public’s consciousness for generations, in part through its involvement in the storyline of some of the most iconic films created. But with recent advances in AI tools that are available to the public for little to no cost, the impact that AI will make to every aspect of our lives is becoming more and more apparent, even within creative industries.

      We created this game, partly as a bit of fun, but also to showcase how AI can be used to interpret large amounts of information, and generate new content based on simple prompts.”

      The daily quiz is available to play at