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      You can unlock the power of immersive experiences with a 360 Degree virtual reality video.

      We all know the power of virtual reality: you can take your viewer on a bespoke journey, controlled by you, to provide them with a truly immersive experience. Used across all sectors including education, retail, hospitality and training, 360 videos are becoming an increasingly popular way to market to clients. Take a look at our virtual reality services.

      There’s a common misconception that 360 videos are reserved for the big guns. Well, we’re here to change the narrative. We believe that immersive technologies can and should be used across the board. Whether it’s a fully immersive 360 video for use on headsets, or a 360 video that you can explore on your internet browser.

      Types of 360 Videos

      Yep, there’s more than one! Check out the differences below.


      Think of Google Street View. This is a prime example of a monoscopic 360 view. Flat renderings of the images are laid next to each other to create a 360 view.


      A more detailed 360 experience. Stereoscopic VR resembles the real world more than monoscopic VR. The images are 3D which add depth and range to the experience.

      Unlock the Benefits

      For the Viewer / User
      • Truly Immersive Experiences. Giving a 360 view allows the user to feel as if they are a part of this virtual world. Sight and sound are two of our prominent senses in the human body – so what better way to use then than in an immersive experience.
      • Inspiration. Whether you’re a teacher struggling to engage your students, or a charity trying to show supporters the work your charity does, 360 videos do the job for you.
      • Teaching.Β You really can bring a topic to life! Explain processes, take your students back through history or show them the inner workings of the human body. We created a Blitz 360 video and put it on the internet as an open source file. A school in Dubai had used the video in their history class and we received glowing feedback … it helped their critical thinking, imagination, and analysis of the time period.
      • Emotive Storytelling. There’s no better story than one with pictures! But 360 videos take that one step further – step into another world and experience the life of the character.
      For the Client
      • It’s Versatile. From staff training to video games and educational purposes, there are a multitude of applications for 360 videos.
      • Heat Maps. Especially useful if you want to see how your users interacted with your content. Heat maps allow you to identify key areas in the 360 video that your users explore. This could inform a multitude of decisions and actions – perhaps you’re trialling a new product concept, or want to know which areas of your 360 video were most engaging for the user.
      • Higher Purchase Intent. It is reported that brands who invest in 360 videos increase their customers purchase intent by 7% (Business Wire).
      • Improved Brand Recall. KitKat’s video proved to increase brand recall. Interactive and immersive experiences are proven to offer the customer/user a more exciting approach to marketing and advertising compared to traditional media.

      Lots of our virtual reality videos are kept locked away in a top secret location. However, we’ll let you see these two videos we’ve made using a360 stereoscopic format.

      Blitz in 360

      Feeling inspired? Check out our 360 and virtual reality portfolio here.