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      Best of the Web #11

      This edition of Best Of The Web starts of a bit sciencey and a bit inspirational. Which in my view, is never a bad thing. Enjoy.

      The Sagan Series

      Probably one of the most famous astronomers of our time Carl Sagan has for a little while now had some of his best speeches cut to old stock film footage to great effect. The Sagan Series is in it’s 9th episode now and each time it gives me goosebumps. What a man.

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      The $8 Billion dollar iPod

      A brilliant and funny TED talk about ‘copyright math’. These are the massive numbers that both the music industry and Hollywood say are ruining their industry. The numbers it turns out are quite wrong… and hilarious.

      Wrecking Crew Orchestra – Light Dance

      We’ve posted some awesome dance routines in the past on these Best of the Web blogs but this one out does them all. Using light and a blacked out stage in a very creative and unique way.

      Where is your wilderness

      Salomon Ligthelm is probably one of my favourite Vimeo filmmakers. Every time he releases a video of some kind my jaw drops without fail. Incredible shots, amazing emotive colour grade and strong sound design. Watch this film, then watch the rest of them too.

      New Canon lens

      The crew at 5 Second Films have been making hilarious films that are, funnily enough, 5 seconds long 5 Days a week for the last couple of years! How they haven’t ran out of ideas yet is beyond me. This one is a particular favorite of ours now.

      Pale Blue Dot typography

      Some more Carl Sagan to go out on now. An excerpt from his ‘Pale Blue Dot’ talk set to typography animation.