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      Best of the Web #16

      Been a while since the last one but here’s another Best of the Web collection. Featuring clever viral ads, bad lip reading for hilarious effect and a couple of cool skate and parkour videos for good measure.

      Old Spice Jungle Wilderness

      The Old Spice commercials are unlikely to ever not be funny and although they seem to have done away with the Old Spice guy from the shower commercials they seem to be bringing all the right people up to scratch with the unique sense of humour.

      Gangnam Style

      This video from Korean rapper Psy has completely exploded this year and is very likely to be the biggest online hit of 2012. The video featuring a insanely catchy rhythm and unique dance moves in a variety of locations throughout Seoul currently has around 354 million views in the 3 months it’s been online and has broken the world record to most likes on YouTube ever.

      Bad lip reading The Hunger Games

      Bad lip reading is a great channel on YouTube where they take out the original dialogue audio and replace with their own that looks completely the same, but isn’t correct. For example if you were to mouth the word “colourful” to someone it looks like your actually saying “I love you” which can lead to many a awkward situation let me tell you. This video is full of those only the people behind it have found alternates for every word. Their Hunger Games parody is one of their best.

      Carlton Draught Beer Chase

      A great advert containing one of the best car chases without cars I’ve ever seen.

      Kilian Martin: Altered Route

      One of the better skate videos I’ve seen. Great cinematography, subtle slow motion effects, great editing. I wish all skate videos were as well thought out and put together as this.

      Will Sutton Parkour 2012

      A great video montage of some amazing Parkour moves. Directed by the guy running around doing the tricks. He learnt how to film and edit as he went with this film being months in the making.


      A stunning collection of time lapse footage showing the transition between night and day in Los Angeles. Well worth watching.