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      Best of the Web #18

      Best of the Web #18

      The internet has been busy this week with creative videos what with April Fools making everyone question what’s real and what’s not.

      Google Nose & Gmail Blue

      Every April fools Google, without fail, makes some of the best April fools gags. These Google Nose and Gmail Blue videos are very well put together and even slightly believable.

      Reverse Times Square – Improv Everywhere

      As part of their April Fools video the New York based pranksters Improv Everywhere managed to get hundreds of people together to walk backwards in the middle of Times Square confusing as many people as possible. Or did they?

      Ready Plucked Chickens

      Another April Fools that managed to grab some attention for this ‘Ready Plucked Chickens’ video. Plenty of people were confused as to whether this was legit or not.

      My Dreamlapse

      Here is a purely creative artistic piece that combines pretty much all the different elements of filmmaking from time lapse footage to 3D motion graphics.

      Eivor – True Love

      A great stylistic music video about the Grim Reaper falling in love. Beautifully shot and the colour grade is beautiful.


      Here’s a marvelous little animation that tributes all the great comic book characters from Marvel. A really great little animation with some perfect transitions.

      If you’ve seen anything great on the web lately that you feel should be included in Best of the Web #19 put it in a comment below.