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      Best of the Web #20

      Best of the Web #20

      Creators of great online video have been very busy in these last few weeks. Everything from Spielberg releasing the new behind the scenes from his biopic Obama, astronauts singing David Bowie on the ISS, and a certain rapper guest staring on Downton Abbey.

      Dollar Shave Club

      A small company in the States has this excellent viral web commercial. Now boasting over 10,000,000 views this fun and creative commercial really is the web way for small businesses to get their message across.

      Obama staring Daniel Day Lewis.

      Spielberg releases a behind the scenes trailer for his next biopic film, Obama see this page. Staring Daniel Day Lewis who of course really immerses himself into the role.

      Arnie Driving

      The Twitter owned Vine app is taking the mobile and internet world by storm. It allows people to post 6 second videos that loop and has made a lot of peoples creativity sort of explode. There’s another great example later on but this is just a collection of Vine videos from a guy driving around LA impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger.

      Batman vs The Penguin

      Comedy website College Humour has been running a Batman spoof series for a while now and this one against the Penguin (played brilliantly by Patton Oswalt) is every bit as good as the others. Enjoy.

      Homemade Matrix

      YouTube channel CineFix has a ‘home made’ series of videos in which they recreate shot for shot sequences of scene from big budget Hollywood films only with absolutely no special effects only some editing and camera trickery. The results are always pretty fantastic as this version of the Matrix goes to show. Watch the side by side version as well, it’s really good.

      Game of Friends (spoilers)

      If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones then please, stop what you’re doing and watch all of it now. It’s great and has generated a lot of internet love some of which has manifested into alternate title sequences. This one moulds together the very well known title sequences from US sitcom Friends and clips from Games of Thrones itself to match it. It’s a great watch and well edited but I would say however that there are a large number of spoilers in there so if for some reason you haven’t watched it then avoid this at all costs.

      Maker vs Marker

      Here’s a really creative stop motion animation pitting a drawn fighter against his creator… the animators hand. It’s a fun and creative little video pulling in influences from all sorts of places. Well worth a watch.

      Downton Diddy

      Some big news in the entertainment industry happened quite recently… Rapper P.Diddy announced that he would be joining the cast of “Downtown Abbey”…

      Downton Diddy from Sean Combs

      Space Oddity

      Canada has recently got a world wide first with the first music video ever shot in Space. Commander Chris Hadfield who has recently just returned to Earth from the ISS made this video just before leaving giving Canada a neat little record. The song, rather fittingly is a cover of Space Oddity by David Bowie.

      Ryan Gosling wont eat his cereal

      A rather bizarre collection of Vine videos went viral a few days ago. Several clips of a person trying to feed actor Ryan Gosling cereal is perfectly timed on a TV screen to make it look as if he really doesn’t want it. Only on the internet.

      Smartphone Wedding Battle

      Sometimes people can get a bit attached to their smart phones to the point where they take sides. It has been all about Android vs iOS or Samsung vs Apple or whatever way you want to look at it but now Nokia and Microsoft are bringing a new phone to the market that they think will shake things up. This ad for the Nokia 920 pits the rival gangs against each other at a wedding with interesting results.