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      Best of the Web #7

      We’ve been so busy here at Liquona we almost forgot about our ‘Best of the Web’ blogs. Almost.

      Old Spice MANta Claus

      Probably my favourite advertising campaign ever. The Old Spice ads utilise social media and hilarious script writing and acting at it’s very best. Old Spice Guy has been asking people what they want for Christmas and people have replying over Twitter and YouTube and it’s created a series of videos with him aiming to give everyone on earth a gift. There are loads of videos and each one will make you laugh. This videos about a gift for Switzerland is one of my favourites.

      Awesome stop motion animation

      I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like stop motion animation, the amount of time and attention to detail that goes into it always impresses me. The video below however baffles me. It’s probably some of the best stop motion animation I’ve ever seen, it’s remarkably clever but so simple at the same time. And the music works so well with it.

      If Jaws were made by Disney

      This hilarious little film was created as part of a competition in the USA in which assistant editors are tasked with taking footage from a film and making it work in a completely different genre. This video is stupidly funny.

      Tilt Shift London

      We’ve posted a couple of tilt shift videos before but we like this one the best because it’s based in our lovely little hometown. London.

      Battles – My Machines

      An odd little music video featuring guest vocals from Gary Numan. Very cleverly edited together.

      Zeitgeist 2011 – Googles year in review

      Great little animation from the Googleplex. 2011 was indeed an odd year. Love how the film almost plays like an advert for Google+ too. They know what they’re doing those cheeky Googlers.

      Cinescape 2011

      Possibly one of my favourite videos to come out this year purely because the edit is SO good. Make it look as if all these completely different films all belong in one awesome sequence.