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      Best of the Web #15

      Here’s a great Best of the Web for you. Loads of really cool videos including time lapses from space, music videos and a really cool mini documentary.

      Where the hell is matt? 2012

      How on earth they managed to get all those people from all around the world to dance with Matt is beyond me. But this is a heartwarming video that has generatedΒ 4,715,903Β viewers. A clever and unique video.

      The Edit Button

      Hilarious! If only it wasn’t a joke, it would make our lives a lot easier, though not as rewarding right? Oh who am I kidding, if only! Β The guys at Apple need to take some tips from this video!


      This is a great video that shows the power of editing. Someone used clips from the Pixar film Wall E to almost exactly replicate the trailer for the film Prometheus. The result is brilliant.

      Forest Gump IRL

      Another light-hearted video that made me chuckle! I’m a fan of any Forrest Gump reference and the last few seconds of the video top it all off – watch it to find out why!

      Facebook stalker

      The BBC created this video exclusively for YouTube which shows us that even the big companies are having to adapt to the new ways of entertainment. By creating this for the web, they are appealing to broader audiences and reminding audiences that they still play a big role in the entertainment sector. It’s also really funny and the lyrics are brilliant.


      Beautifully shot, this is the official music video to Periphery’s song, “Make Total Destroy”. Clever, brutally fast editing and some unique camera angles and movements, well worth a watch if your into editing like this. Or into heavy metal.

      Caine’s arcade

      This is a great little documentary about a very smart kid that’s obsessed with arcade games that he made his own Arcade from scratch at his dads work place but unfortunately he didn’t get many customers until one day when everything changed for him…

      Astaire Unwound

      An interesting video showing how they shot a great scene in a Fred Astaire film called Royal Wedding where he seems to defy gravity and dance on the ceiling. An effect that was recently replicated in Inception in which they built a very similar set.

      View from the ISS at night

      An incredible time lapse video shot from the International Space Station orbiting the earth. This only has shots of the Earth at night. And it is beautiful.