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      Best of the Web #14

      Another collection of brilliant videos we’ve found on the internet over the past month. Lot’s of comedy and other cool stuff so if you’ve got a few minutes sit back and enjoy.

      The Dark Knight Rises trailer #4

      This film is poised to shatter all the box office records when it’s finally released next month. The last of Christopher Nolan’s batman trilogy features many things Batman fanboys such as myself are pretty excited about and this trailer also goes to the show that composer extraordinaire Hans Zimmer definitely still has the chops to make a moving and thrilling soundtrack.

      Mrs. Doubtfire trailer Re-cut

      Doubtless most of you know the Robin Williams film Mrs. Doubtfire where he cross dresses as an old nanny to look after his own kids after a messy divorce. I found the plot to be a little weird even when I was a kid. Thankfully someone else did as well and created this incredibly well edited trailer which changes the whole mood of the film. The power of the editor is something to behold! Watch this and you’ll know what we mean…

      Portal: Terminal Velocity

      If you don’t know of the video game Portal then check it out right away. It’s ingenious gameplay and monstrously hard puzzles continue to baffle everyone who plays it. In this video the people in it have made an incredibly accurate portrayal of what using a portal gun would be like in real life. Incredible effort and it truly requires a lot of thinking as to how they actually did it.

      Portal: Terminal Velocity from Jason Craft on Vimeo.

      Live Dub Proposal

      This guy managed to get his entire family and half his street involved in a very elaborate proposal to his now fiancΓ© (she said yes obviously, would be very awkward otherwise).

      Zooey Deschanel iPhone parody

      The creative team at Conan O’Brien make a lot of funny inserts for the show. This one parodies the recent iPhone Siri commercial with actress Zooey Deschanel.

      Men. We don’t know what we did.

      Carrying on from a gag in long running animated tv show Family Guy the songwriters at AVbyte have written an entire song about the simple fact that men don’t know what they’ve done wrong.

      Dealing with the Devil

      Never make a deal with the devil to be your best friend, he’ll ask for the most awkward favors.