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Tidy File Handling

Production software like Adobe’s After Effects, Premiere Pro and of course Cinema 4D can be pain with missing plug-ins, missing effects and missing files or missing textures if you haven’t set up the file in an organised way.  They can all crop up from time to time can be used in some projects and trying to figure out why can be a right head scratcher!!!  So many cuts of the same font occur (especially the Helvetica and Ariel fonts) along with textures not being in the default (tex) folder.

Luckily our systems and procedures protect from this at Liquona.  We have template files that we just copy and paste for each new project – both inside and out of each individual software.  Having a quick, copy and paste master folder with an assets folder, render folder, and most common project files already in it really saves time.  Within the project file we open an After Effects file up and have a default HD (1080p) comp to greet us alongside our favourite animation elements.  Expressions for After effects and folders for assets, png sequences, solids and audio files ready to be dropped into their relevant tidy places.   This workflow allows us to jump back into projects that are months, no scratch that – YEARS old and seamlessly know where every asset is saved.

Working with such a dedicated team of animators and editors with good file handling we never have any issues anymore.  The operations and file handling importance are set in stone from day one and re-iterated and refined as the team grows.  Having been here for a few years it’s been a great experience to see the production process alter and amend to better to fit our clients needs and fulfil expectations.  The team, with every hire, can take more pressure and more work on and adding something different each time.  Putting these systems in place early really goes to show when, now, after just a few months, I can open a project of a relatively new member of staff and know exactly why certain steps were taken and working closely in a tight nit team know exactly why they would approach a project in a certain way.

Dan Shufflebotham