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      Discover more about Pendle Manor, LIQUONA’s scary 360 Virtual Reality Haunted House Experience

      It’s spooky season, and we’re revisiting some of the spook-tacular virtual reality projects made here in house at LIQUONA. 

      What better way to give yourself a fright than a scary interactive video? How about a scary 3D 360 virtual reality experience? 

      Discover Pendle Manor, a rural English home that has fallen into disrepair. Once a beautiful family home, its decline came soon after the father discovered that his only daughter had fallen in love with a servant! 

      After failing to dissuade the boy from staying away from his daughter, the father took matters into his own hands…

      Now it wouldn’t be a spooky story if there weren’t some tragic or gruesome turn of events that turn this story sinister. 

      Tragically, when the daughter finds her lover deceased, she takes her life by suicide to join him in the afterlife. 

      Many years later, Pendle’s Manor was discovered by you! 

      As you explore the Manor, lightening strikes and thunder crackles. Wind whips through the house and there’s a mysterious ghost like figure.

      Can you handle the horror? Check it out below, or if you’ve got a virtual reality headset, visit out YouTube channel to explore our 3D 360 virtual reality experience.  


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