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      Down by the river… with a DSLR


      Choosing the Location for your Video Production

      The above photograph was taken last week when we were filming at Box Hill, Surrey.  The ‘stepping stones’ and the river provided the perfect location for this interview with Steve Franks.  The subject was talking about his life and the decisions that he has had to make.  The stepping stones provided a visual metaphor of his life.

      We filmed this interview with two Canon 7D‘s and recorded the sound separately on a recorder.

      Locations for Video Production

      In video production the location is one of the most important aspects of the shoot.  Obviously shooting indoors is different so this mainly applies to outdoor location shoots.  There are many practical implications to consider; is the sound going to work, will it be busy, is there parking, will there be other people in the background, will there be company logos in shot, do you have permission to film there etc etc.  But once you are past all of that the location has to work.  We always like to choose a location that adds something to the story and narrative of what is being spoken about.  Even if it is somebody talking about a particularly boring subject! Being close to london helps for all our video production jobs!

      Sometimes it is worth the extra work in sourcing the right location, and taking the time to check the location before filming.

      The London Corporate Video Production Company, Liquona.