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      How to Combat Zoom Fatigue and Engage your Online Audience 

      How do you engage your online audience at a live stream event?

      We’re all singing from the same hymn sheet … one that reads ‘zoom fatigue’. Yes, we’re also tired of awkward team meetings and family zoom quizzes.

      Sorry Granny, we still love you. 

      However, with Liquona’s help you’ll be dazzling your clients, partners, and staff with perfectly curated live streamed virtual events in 2021.

      Liquona’s Professional Streaming and Event Coverage 

      • Eliminate the stress and let us do it for you (the live streaming, not the stressing by the way).
      • From award ceremonies to keynote speeches and global management meetings, we’ve confidently streamed them all, glitch free!
      • Live streaming starts from just one camera or feed, right up to the multi-camera events with a range of crew involved.
      • Find out more here 

      Top Tips for Live Streaming 

      Plan for your online audience

      Do you find yourself scrolling past a video if it doesn’t load immediately? Well, our attention spans are now shorter than ever, and now you have to fight to retain the attention of your online audience.

      Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on the buzz of the free buffet or glasses of Prosecco to keep us entertained. Instead, keep your content clear and concise to maximise engagement. Working from home or in the office with their cameras off means people aren’t afraid to yawn behind a computer screen!

      Let your personality shine

      Liquona recommend using light hearted humour where possible. We’re suckers for a little crowd giggle, so try to add personal stories to humanise your organisation. 

      Engage with your online audience by telling them a parenting fail, the joke you tell at every dinner party, or how your dog refuses to walk through puddles.

      Content is King

      In order to yield the best engagement results, it’s vital to streamline your content to suit your audience and their needs. Is your virtual event an opportunity for guests to learn? Or, are they attending to receive acknowledgement and awards? Perhaps it’s an important global stakeholder conference?

      Identifying your audience, understanding the context of the live streaming event, and tailoring content to best suit attendees will be a surefire way to engage your online audience.

      Lights Camera Action 

      Increasing your event production value doesn’t just make you look swish and fancy. A professional set up enhances your credibility and encourages trust from your event attendees. 

      Importantly, if your budget is tight, ensure your virtual event provides a professional background:

      • Remove bright lights and clutter from the background.
      • Where possible, ensure contributors are set up in a wifi hotspot.
      • Outline a contingency plan for technical issues: can someone else take over, or do you return to the contributor later?
      • Oh and perhaps most importantly, lock the door to avoid unforeseen interruption from little ones.
      How do Livestreams work?
      • Under covid-19 lockdown: our office operates as the broadcast venue.
      • Under 1000 audience members: we can stream using your locations internet (ethernet cable required!)
      • Over 1000 audience members: we recommend reserving dedicated bandwidth to guarantee a good connection.


      So do you want to find out more? Of course you do. Contact us here, or ring 01372 860843 

      We put together a handy little video to show you 5 Top Tips for Live Streaming. Watch here (and follow us!).