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      Website SEO is a ever changing business. What with Google always changing it’s search algorithms and results becoming more personal due to it tracking your previous searches (and Google + if you’re on it that is…)

      There is one sure fire way to gain traffic to your site and thats video.

      As YouTube continues to grow exponentially so does the effectiveness of it’s very powerful search engine. Google owns YouTube and as expected it favours it whenever you search for something so relevant searches in both google and youtube will come up with the same results for video. To do this you’ve got to use the most SEO friendly title and tags. There are very few people that actually use the tag system in the YouTube video manager page which is shame as it’s immensely useful.
      You can also add a ‘call to action’ within your videos whether your on youtube or not. Call to action sounds pretty basic when it’s explained but are very helpful for bringing in traffic to your site. In the video, if the person talking says something like “visit our website by clicking the link below and you’ll be well on your too [whatever it is your selling]” (provided you’ve put a hyperlink in the video like you can on YouTube) then that is the perfect call to action and is a sure fire way to gain traffic to your site.

      Forrester recently did a test that found if you have search optimised videos on your website you’d be 50 times more likely to be featured on the front page of internet searches.
      It can also vastly increase conversion rates for the product that you’re selling. For example one of our clients said they found that whenever someone watched one of our videos on their website they were twice as likely to go on and purchase something from them than not.

      If that doesn’t make you want a video for your website I don’t know what will.