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      How to Host Online Video Productions

      There are many different ways of hosting online video content. From your large hosting providers such as YouTube & Vimeo – to hosting solutions like Brightcove – right down to hosting the files yourself using Flash or Quicktime. Different media applications require different services and sometimes any of the above can be the right solution. YouTube, however, shouldn’t always be the first choice!


      Reasons To Use YouTube

      YouTube has more online users than any other online video solution. It is also the second biggest search engine. If you have a viral video, or an informercial linking subtly to a product for example, then YouTube can be an excellent platform.

      Reasons NOT To Use YouTube

      Play counts. Public play counts aren’t always a good thing. Sure they look great if you have 10k views on a 2 month old video, but most of the time they show 250 views in 2 years… not great!
      Adverts. Quite simply, adverts are annoying. But more importantly, if you are hosting on your own site with a YouTube player then you could end up with an advert to a competitors website, which I have seen!
      Branding. However you try to hide it, people can see the YouTube branding which doesn’t look very professional. Sometimes we recommend putting videos on YouTube to take advantage of the advantages, but not hosting them on your website via YouTube.

      YouTube Alternatives


      There are many other players in this field such as Vimeo. Vimeo offer a great service and a great player. Some of the above problems still exist however, such as the play counts and branding. It always looks better to have your own branding on any videos on your website.

      How about Flash?

      Flash. Advantages… hum… let me think… well at least the video is on your server and you can customise the player. That’s about it.

      The disadvantages, where to begin!?

      Firstly, it isn’t supported by Apple, so say goodbye to any iPhone or iPad viewers. Secondly, it is slow and clunky with a one size fits all model. This means that you can’t detect the users bandwidth and therefore you can’t optimise the video for them. In a nut shell, the videos don’t look very good on flash.

      So onto the Liquona Hosting Solution

      If you have between 1 and 50 videos then our online video hosting solution is perfect for you.

      It is custom branded, works on iPhones, no adverts, hidden play counts and the rest. We have the ability to not only tell you how many viewers you have had, but also at which point of the video they stopped watching.

      The Liquona Solution also has bandwidth detection, so it will show the best quality video for the viewers internet connection, without it talking too long to load.

      We encode the files to be optimised for your audience. We’ll look at your website and with some research we’ll make the video files that will be prefect for you. All you have to do is send us the files first!

      The videos are hosted on our London based video server, relieving the pressure from your servers without your viewers knowing.

      Have a look at our video hosting solutions here.