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How can you measure an ROI where videos are concerned?

Regardless of the type of company you work for or the position you hold within it, you should know about ROI, or return on investment, which is obviously a way of calculating the amount that you receive back on an investment so you can judge it a success or a failure.

For instance, spending £1000 on advertising and doubling that in terms of the new business you’ve got out of it qualifies as a good investment and is relatively easy to track and make a judgement on. However, it gets a bit trickier when it comes to tracking the success or failure of a video that you’ve created to attract potential new customers. How can you tell if the people who saw it are the people signing up for what you have to offer? Fortunately, there are a few ways we can see if a video is having the desired effect on your business – the internet’s clever that way!

Viewing figures

The most obvious way to keep track of what sort of effect your video’s having is to see how many times it’s been viewed. The simple way to do this would be to embed it onto your site from YouTube – that way, you can see the view count on its page on YouTube. However, you can also use Google Analytics tools to track the conversions of people who clicked onto the page that hosts the video so you can see if it’s having a direct impact on revenue. It’s important to find out how they got to the page and where they went afterwards, so you can either pay attention to other possible navigation paths and keywords that might not be performing particularly well with regard to getting people to access the video.

Clickable links and embedded promotional codes

There are numerous techniques that can be used within the video to monitor the effectiveness of it. Two of the most popular are clickable links and embedded promotional codes, which both work more or less in the same way by appearing at the end of the video – admittedly, it’s not a perfect technique because many people have a tendency to leave a video with a few seconds remaining because they don’t think there’s anything else to see. The number of clicks on a link to a relevant page can be tracked, as can the amount of times the promotional code is utilised. There are many more similar techniques, but these two keep things clean and contained within the video’s sphere.

In addition, it’s important to remember that not every video needs to be selling something – you can create guides if you find people are ringing with the same questions for you every day, thereby tracking the amount of man hours that would have spent having to sort them out.

Corporate videos fulfil a number of different functions, so why not give us a call today and see how we can help?