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      Everyday we’d have smoke bombs, confetti and unlimited cake in the office if it were up to the creatives at Liquona. Now, we understand that those creative folk can seem a little … elaborate at times. So, how do you sell a creative project to a non-creative individual? 

      Worried about your creative project being an open ended process? 

      While many creative or video production agencies operate in might be described as Einsteins lab, at LIQUONA we pride ourselves on our structured creative processes. 

      The best way to describe our process is like a funnel. At the top, we start wide, and explore lots of creative avenues. Slowly, ideas are discarded and other ones pursued, until we reach a concrete idea at the base of the funnel. 

      Often, when we begin a project, we take the clients’ brief to our creative War Room. Here, we encourage our creatives to bring everything they’ve got. Some ideas are explored further, others discarded, to leave us with diamonds in the rock. The mistake, at this point, is to be too specific. Starting with horse blinkers on will narrow your focus, and you’re likely to miss out on creative avenues that may actually be better than your original idea (preposterous, we know!). 

      Read more about our Scoping service here.

      Refining your creative idea

      To create and build confidence surrounding your creative project, write your ideas down! No, we’re not just saying this so you don’t forget them. Writing an idea on paper is a great way to interrogate its validity. By writing it down, you are forced to think about the credibility of your idea, and if you struggle to write it coherently on paper … the writing is on the wall (somewhat literally). 

      Benefits of Using a Creative Team
      1. You’ll get lots of perspectives, all from people with different backgrounds, skills, and creative styles. 
      2. War Rooms take away some of the pressure: you can be assured your idea has been scrutinised alongside other creative avenues. 
      3. Presenting war room ideas back to the client is actually another stage of interrogation. This opens up a collaborative conversation with the creative team and client, which can discard ideas and concrete other ones. 

      This is Liquona’s approach to creative thinking. This model is simple but effective, and can applied and reused to all projects we deal with. 

      Are all Projects the Same? 

      Yes, we apply the same structured creative thinking approach to each project. 

      But, also no. Factors such as the clients’ objectives, parameter, time scale and budget are all key considerations for creative thinking. If Client X has a £10,000 budget, their creative project will look and operate differently to Client Y’s £100,000 project. 

      To Conclude

      There is no magic answer to this question. At Liquona, we believe that building confidence in our client is the key to selling a creative project. Showcasing our structured creative process, and collaborative approach enables us to involve the client as well as use our expert knowledge to find the best idea for their needs. 

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