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      It is so important in all film productions to think about lighting. Lighting on set, no matter how subtle is a vital part to building any scene. Your scene could be a full on film set, or a single person talking to camera.

      Lighting helps to separate the talent from the background. In the above image you can see how the lighting helps to separate the foreground from the black background. Simple backlights are used on either side to illuminate Tim Hughes and give him a key line around the outside of his head and shoulders.

      Why is this important

      So many of the tools that we use in film and video production are designed to increase the quality of the image that the viewer sees. These are the same tools that the broadcast TV industry use, and many of them the viewer wouldn’t even notice.

      These tricks of the trade are the reasons why a professional video company will produce higher standards of video. Lighting is one part of production that we take very seriously. Lighting can transform a flat dull image into a dynamic detailed scene.

      (Photo from our Yoga & Pilates DVD, DVD available here)

      Here we have used multiple lights to create depth to the image. Note the light illuminating the flowers directly in front of the camera with a warm purple light.

      In this production we had the problem of too much light from the Sun (a very common problem). Look at the double doors on the left of the photo, we fixed ND filter to the outside of these doors reducing the light coming in through the doors.

      It is so important to allow time to setup appropriate lighting on any shoot.

      We at Liquona understand what is required and will advise you on all your needs!