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      iPhone 3Gs V iPhone 4 V iPhone 4s

      iPhone speed test

      I found myself doing this on my desk for my own viewing pleasure then thought other people might be interested in it, so I filmed it!

      Firstly excuse the extremely poor video, we’re busy at the moment, but wanted to share this!

      What is interesting is that the 3Gs is the fastest on the internet test. And yes they are all connected to the same internet wi-fi!

      For the iCal they were all the same speed, and there wasn’t much in it with the camera.

      The Angry Birds test at the end is the best visualisation of the 4s processor speed as it clearly loads the fastest.

      Obviously this isn’t the most scientific of tests we’ve done and if we get any more spare time, and if you comment on this asking us to, then we’ll make a better test!