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      A while back, not long after FCPX was released a group of editors for popular talk show host Conan O’Brian released a really funny video demonstrating why they ‘loved’ the new Final Cut Pro X.

      The result was hilarious (if you’re into editing as much as I am). It was a perfect bit of satire reflecting the thoughts of many, many editors who had been very excited to play with the new version of the much loved software and were immediately disappointed with it as well. To the point rival Avid and Adobe both made amazing offers for their editing software at the time.

      Well those editors have made a new video and this time they’re talking about the new Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 which isn’t coming out until later this year.

      A great video that also highlights some of the best bits of the new Premiere Pro. The ability to natively edit R3D files, thumbnails you can scroll through and more. A great many people were very disappointed with Apple’s FCPX and the fact it was released without many features the Pros had come to expect like XML and Multicam and even though it’s adding them all now via downloadable updates for some it’s to little to late and they’ve already jumped ship. And the best thing about Premiere is that it’s really not very hard to pick up after you’ve learned the ins and outs of FCP.

      The ever changing world of editing Liquona will always look to see what software is best for your video production.