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      “In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade.” (Yep That was the A-Team!)

      In a similar way, in 2012, a crack team of videographers came together with a vision to create better moving image content for business marketing and communications! Not just content that informed, but emotive content that committed to grab and engage viewers more deeply. Impactful content that resulted in changed perceptions and behaviour. And our service was never about just getting the job done, it was always about delivering it with exceptional service and a winning smile. It was an explosive combination.

      Today, if clients have a MarComms problem, if no one else can help, and if they find us…. They hire The LIQUONA Team!

      As LIQUONA turns ten years old, we celebrate many nostalgic and epic moments from our collective story. The growth of service areas such as virtual reality, web apps, and animation, as well as multiple awards and first-in-sector milestones. We’ve grown the team, the office, our capabilities and our ambitions.

      But we still hold on to our enduring brand promise : ‘We make you look good’.
      We make brands look good on screen, and make our clients look good when they work with us.

      We deliver on message, on time and on budget.

      To all our staff, suppliers and clients, thank you for your support, it’s been a thrilling ride. We love what we do, and we just love it when a plan comes together.”

      – Matt Day & Oliver Hall, Founders.


      The team’s favourite Liquona moment

      There’s lots of great moments with colleagues, clients and the creative process but a couple of favourites would have to be the Irish Coffee Wednesday surprise or the impromptu end of day Nerf wars! – Nathan, Producer

      My fave moment has to be working with Matthew and Chloe from Clinisys. They are both so lovely and a joy to work with. It was great to meet them in person when they came in for an edit and I got to chat to Matthew about Disney! – Saf, Account Manager

      My favourite memory whilst working at Liquona is the Curchods shoot in Richmond Park filming their tandem tv ad. I love being on shoots and it was a lovely day in a beautiful location and it was really great working with Graeme Wadhams and the Curchods team and seeing the film come together! – Robyn, Video Editor

      One of my most enjoyable moments working for Liquona, was on the Surrey County Council Social Worker recruitment animation (say that 10 times fast)! It was a chance to delve into some frame by frame animation and create something emotive and meaningful. It was also nice to work with producer Nathan (who’d just joined the team) who had some great ideas! Plus I could get out my iPadPro and iPencil (shameless product plug) and sketch away for hours whilst drinking lots of tea in the process. – Kate, Illustrator and Motion Graphics Artist

      I loved working on a project where we created a series of drama training videos to help paramedics detect the signs of stroke as early as possible. It was exciting as we had a big crew, big cast and everyone had to really pull together to shoot 4 films in 1 day. It was a massive team effort and exciting and rewarding feeling that we were making something that would help the public. We used branch narrative which made it especially interesting – the viewer could watch a video and then pick which option they want to choose next. It was a little like those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 1980s. This made it really memorable for the paramedics training, as they experience the consequences of making those choices.
      – Katie, Producer

      One of the standout projects for me is a campaign that we created for the Federation of Master Builders. We undertook a creative scoping process with them to ensure that the very best creative was being taken forward to production. They were just the most engaging clients to work with, bringing their ideas to the table as well as listening to our experience. The resulting campaign was striking and hammered (pun intended!) their message. Because the campaign was well thought out they had imagery and social content to disseminate for their members. Who knew that they are the only trade checking platform that actually inspect the work! – Mark, Client Services Director

      My favourite Liquona moment was the fake wedding we put on as part of a commercial shoot for the Association of Optometrists. Our Account Managers were the bride’s side, our runner was the groom and our Producer officiated in full cassock and dog collar. – Mat, Senior Editor

      Some of my favourite moments at Liquona have been on set shooting our Sky Ad Smart commercials, we had good fun filming our Curchods ads, Mercy Ships and the FMB. Equally, working with CliniSys and Maxis has been a joy and recently I spent a day filming with the Charity London Youth at Hindleap Warren Outdoor Centre which was pure gold. I’m lucky to have such a lovely team and have fond memories of our great team days from canal boating along the River Wey to hiding in forests from our Creative Director, Matt, and our Senior Editor, Startup, trying to take me out during a game of Lazer Tag. – Amanda, Producer

      One of my favourite moments working at Liquona, was soon after publishing a Virtual Reality WW2 Blitz experience, was hearing how many schools had started using it after getting feedback on how well it was frightening small children up and down the country. Best part of all was being told how previous year’s writing was always pretty carbon copy and then finding out how much more expressive their writing had become after being introduced to the VR and immersing themselves in the experience. That was pretty sweet. – Alex, Senior Animator and Design Lead

      One of my favourite times at Liquona was getting my father in law a starring role in a Legal and General advert that went out on national (check this) TV. Every time he popped up on screen we would (and still do) joke he is launching his new career in his retirement. – Dan, Animation and Technical Lead

      A standout moment for me was travelling to Sierra Leone to film with an amazing charity, making a film that made a difference.  In the office a defining moment was the team’s response to COVID and rallying together to fight for the business! – Oliver, Operations Director

      If I had to pick something…Foreign shoots! The greatest of all was filming in the DRC with Tearfund to showcase their amazing work. Incredible stories, sad stories and stories of hope. Company milestones are always fun too: Each office, each employee, Christmas parties. – Matt, Creative Director