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      Welcome to LIQUONA’s quick fire guide to advertising on TV.

      Is TV advertising a part of your marketing mix? If not, it should be by the end of this blog! We’ve broken down the art of effective TV advertising into this simple guide so that you can reach your audience in new and exciting ways.

      There are two main questions that need to be answered to help you understand the power of TV advertising: ‘Why?’ and the ‘How?’.

      Why should you advertise on TV?

      On average, Britons watch a whopping 22.5 hours of TV per week, and that’s not including on streaming channels such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. We’re obsessed with the latest dramas, sports and reality TV, and that’s just in the LIQUONA office!

      In Britain, we’re driven to our screens from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, as TV provides us with the latest news updates a chance to escape reality and watch family’s feud while training dragons and evading mystical beings that live in the woods.

      The Best Game of Thrones GIFs

      Why is TV advertising better than other digital marketing methods?

      In short, TV marketing is so effective because it’s proven to have one of the best reaches of any marketing method.

      What better way to target your audience than in their own home? With AdSmart from Sky, you can build a highly sophisticated consumer profile based on a range of factors that the mean the most to you. You can build this based on a range of factors including (but not limited to) age, gender, income, post code, street came, and catchment areas.

      Curchods Prime

      LIQUONA created Curchods Prime’s first ever TV advert. Their campaign focused on encouraging sellers to sell through them. We helped them to create a highly targeted consumer profile based on socio-economic data and catchment areas, which meant only certain houses in Elmsbridge (Surrey) would see the advert.

      Mercy Ships

      Similarly, for our Mercy Ships UK TV advert, we targeted port towns and regions with affluent socio-economic residents, as they were most likely to donate after watching the appeal film.

      A great fact about AdSmart from Sky, is that you only pay for the people that have watched the ad over half way through. That means if someone switches channels, or

      The Price

      Wondering how you’ll measure the return on investment (ROI) of a TV advert? Well, the AdSmart from Sky service actually allows you to measure your ads ROI, as it measures adverts reach, impressions, and you can spend as little as Β£3000 on your media spend.

      How can you advertise on tv?

      LIQUONA are associated with AdSmart from Sky, a service created by Sky to offer targeted and affordable TV advertising to businesses across the UK. Visit our tv advertising production services.

      We’ll help you create your customer profile, so that you’re targeting the right people in their homes. Building a holistic yet detailed view of your target consumer allows us to target the right people with your ad.

      After the creation of the ad, we send it to Clearcast. Clearcast are best known for clearing ads. In the UK, broadcasters aren’t allowed to show ads that are misleading, harmful or offensive. Once approved, we send to Sky and the rest is history – your ad will play to your carefully crafted audience for an average of 9 times throughout a campaign period.

      Why choose LIQUONA?

      At LIQUONA, we’re a one stop shop. This means we handle everything from perfecting the concept to getting it to air and measuring the results.

      We provide:

      • Creative counsel (achieved through our Scoping service)
      • Production of your ad
      • Clearcast approval
      • AdSmart from Sky targeting and campaign measurements

      LIQUONA’s Top 5 Tips for a Successful TV Ad

      • A clear target audience

      As we’ve mentioned above, the AdSmart service allows you to create a hyper specific audience. Understanding who your campaign is for, and the type of audience you want to target will effect your return on investment, so it’s best to spend some time considering your audience carefully.

      • A concise message

      Do you know how long a TV advert should be? Most TV advertisements are around 30 seconds, since ads any longer tend to lose their audience as they switch off or lose interest.

      Creating a clear and concise message seems pretty self-explanatory, and you might think we’re teaching you to suck eggs! However, this is one of the trickiest parts of our work. Creating a message with the right tone of voice, with all the relevant information and a strong call to action. As part of our scoping service our creatives meet in what we like to call our War Room. Here, we discuss the project and throw around creative ideas, some more wacky than others! As a result, we’re able to pin down the most important bits of messaging.

      Industry jargon is a no go when trying to communicate with the masses. Your consumers aren’t experts in your field (unless they are!), so use simple, and easy to understand English.

      • A signature theme or character

      Fortify your brands presence on TV by creating a series of ads that build on a character or theme that easily identifies your brand. Some good examples of this are GoCompare, Meerkat Market,, and all of the supermarkets!

      • Stunning visuals (and an engaging storyline!)

      We love creating the story that tells your brand’s message. Both Curchods Primes’ and Mercy Ships Uk’s TV ads were exciting projects to take on (click on them to read more about those projects).

      Even the most boring content can be made engaging with the right creative brain behind it. Not every TV advert has to compete with the John Lewis Christmas advert, though we’d love to create productions on that scale all year round!

      Perhaps a simple explainer would fit the bill, or stock footage with added user generated content might also work!

      • A strong, clear, and motivating call to action

      This, arguably, is the most important bit of a TV advert because without it it’s very hard to measure any return on investment. This links back to the main objectives of your overall campaign. Are you trying to encourage people to sign up to something, buy a product with a limited edition price, encourage consumers to choose your brand over another household name competitor, donate to your appeal? Take a look at our consumer comms portfolio.

      Call to actions can be both on screen text or a voice over, though we recommend both to reinforce the message.

      Some Useful Links

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