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      LIQUONA gives you a Mōvi review

      Hello! We originally wrote this MōVI review blog post back in 2013, which seems a life time ago. What’s happened since? Too much to write in a short blog, but let’s look at some highlights: there’s been two Olympics, 1 Brexit, 1 Pandemic, and 1 Boris Johnson flying through London strapped to a harness…

      We were super impressed and excited by the Freefly Systems’ release of their three axis stabilised camera gimble – the MoVI. We told our readers, ‘It may not look like much, but to indie studios and filmmakers around the world this is a game changing bit of kit’. 

      Since then, the manufacturers have released the Movi Pro, Movi Carbon, and Movi XL – clearly we underestimated their significance to the wider video production industry, and thought they just be useful for those indie filmmakers!

      Mōvi takes the video industry by a storm

      While steadicam kits have already been creating these kinds of shots for years they’re truly expensive and can take years to master. However, MoVI has taken the industry by a storm as you can be up and filming with it in a matter of minutes. Even better, the cheaper model is going on the market for only $7,500 (roughly £5000). Considering how much small studios are already spending on rigs and steadicam rental, this is a relative bargain!

      It’s ease of use is pretty astounding, making everyone a steadicam operator!

      Reviewing the Mōvi Gimbles

      Movi Pro, Carbon and XL gimbles

      Mōvi Pro

      MōVI Pro is the perfect all rounder to create stunning visuals. Key features include: hot swap batteries, intelligent batteries, screen power indicator, twice the torque of the first generation Mōvi motors and high resolution encoders! Its ‘Toad in the Hole’ quick release system has become an industry favourite. One that allows users to quickly shoot on the ground, sky, and all points in between! 

      Filming some parkour? Or simply getting some impressive transitions? The Mōvi Pro can flip from upright to inverted mode with a quick 180 degree roll. Change from Handheld to TERO in seconds.

      Mōvi Carbon

      MōVI Carbon is the world’s first handheld and drone-mountable 5-axis camera stabiliser. It features two high-bandwidth inner axes which keep the camera perfectly stable in even the most demanding conditions at a full 240mm zoom.

      Mōvi XL

      MōVI XL is a lighter version of the MōVI Pro! It is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to capture stable imagery in the most demanding environments. With custom in house designed high torque direct drive motor, this might just be your perfect match!


      The original MoVI being used


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