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      Moving Image in the Membership Sector

      It’s easy to say that moving image is an essential and  vital part of a brand’s communication strategy. It’s even easier to say that as a moving image agency ourselves!

      That’s why we caught up with memcom’s Chloe McMath to get her views on why moving image is so important in the membership sector.

      Over to you, Chloe…

      Building and maintaining relationships in membership organisations

      It’s probably not news to you that effective communication is a vital tool in an organisation’s toolkit.

      It’s especially significant for membership organisations to have exceptional communication. Building new relationships and maintaining existing ones with members and stakeholders is of the utmost importance. To carry out a basic function of being an association or membership organisation, you must have and engage your members. 

      There are a number of different tools and techniques that you can choose from to deliver effective communications. From identifying your target audience, getting your messaging or tone of voice correct, to choosing the right platform to engage with your audience.

      But, have you thought about the format of your communications?

      Visual communication

      Visual communication is one of the most effective and engaging ways to capture an audience’s attention. Not only does the brain process images 60,000 times faster than text, but the use of visual content is proven to engage digital scrollers compared to a block of text.

      You should consider visual communication methods if you’re looking to implement a new way of communicating with your target market. Similarly applicable if you’re looking to build on existing relationships and increase engagement levels with your members.

      Here’s a few reasons why… 

      Membership organisations are, generally speaking, born out of focus around a particular purpose or cause. They aim to connect individuals together that share the same profession or industry, take part in the same activity or share an interest of some sort. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that membership organisations have a lot of ground to cover in their communications with members.

      memcom, for example, has members that span across a vast number of industries, covering the whole membership sector. memcom provide a wide variety of services to its members:

      • Community and networking events
      • Industry awards
      • An annual conference
      • Recruitment services
      Getting your message across in a saturated market

      Membership organisations and trade associations that are looking to build their brand or promote their credibility to members and stakeholders, will benefit from integrating visual communications.

      Visual communications look professional (when done correctly!). So, in order to build trust in your brand, these are important aspects to consider when thinking about communications techniques.

      Gaining the potential to increase engagement with existing members, reaching and engaging new members is another reason to potentially look at adopting a more visual approach to communications.

      Getting your message in front of any audience can prove a difficult task for marketing teams. This is especially important with both the digital and real world being a loud and noisy space to navigate at times.

      By embracing the use of visual assets in your marketing strategy, your organisation is much more likely to stand out from the crowd and incite engagement with a new audience. 

      Valuable conversations

      Visual communications can add value to the conversations you’re having and the messages you’re trying to deliver. The use of visual content doesn’t just have to be used to market your organisation.

      • Enhance your blog with an accompanying vlog
      • Add value to your internal communications with easily digestible content
      • Make important information memorable by bringing it to life

      Check out some of the moving image productions we’ve made for the membership sector here.