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      Why you need video

      Why Video Production is important

      The video production industry is growing! It is also a fast changing industry. 10 years ago there were only a handful of creative companies positioned as video production companies.

      This was largely due to the cost of the equipment; cameras then were tens if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds. Now it is possible to produce a fantastic looking video with as little as £3000 worth of kit.

      What does this mean for the industry?

      Every man and his dog has bought the latest DSLR camera and thought that they are the next Spielberg. This has changed the industry because there are many many companies claiming that they can do the work. But… giving someone a pencil doesn’t make them an artist. The art of video production and learning how to tell a story is a skill that is learnt over years.

      So what has this got to do with you needing a video?

      Well I’m glad you asked! Put simply every website should be using video to some extent. Different websites will have different requirements and thus different videos. The mistake that we see so many companies fall into is finding a guy with a camera like the person described above, and not using video how it should be used. They end up with a cheap looking, poor video that inevitably doens’t work very well on the website leaving them thinking that video doens’t work. That isn’t true! Video does work, but it has to be done properly, and be fit for purpose.

      Web viewers are highly video literate: They watch Hollywood Blockbusters on it, last night’s BBC landmark nature series on it, and highly produced adverts on it.  The internet is a great leveller, but it’s not a level playing field. Video has to look good, and sound good. Web viewers will have a very low tolerance for watching something that looks homemade, that is too long, or which is hard to hear clearly.

      Give video the respect that it deserves and use it well!