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      How Does Scoping Enhance Your Moving Image Project?

      At Liquona we provide a scoping stage, because conceiving the perfect creative idea whilst managing input from various stakeholders can feel like walking through fog, right?

      We dig deep into our creative cores, with our moving image expertise, to produce an awesomely designed idea.

      Why do you need a Scoping stage? 

      In a nutshell, project scoping allows us to partner with brands to explore their brief in detail, no matter its stage of development. 

      Scoping squashes the not-so-good ideas and presents new, bespoke concepts that are tailored to the client’s needs. We explore various creative avenues in one of our famous ‘war rooms’ where no idea is too wacky… most of the time! We encourage our creative teams to push the boundaries to develop new and exciting content that fits the client’s brief. 

      To put it bluntly; it’s all about communicating your needs, and our ideas, to conceive the best creative moving image production.            

      “So, what’s the process?” You ask 

      Well, we’re glad you asked.  

      • We begin, rather dramatically, in one of our creative war rooms. Here, our design team, creatives, and producers bash heads (not too hard, don’t worry) to explore initial ideas. 
      • We present up to five different ideas to the client for their feedback. 
      • Proceeding onwards, two key ideas are explored and fleshed out a little further. These concepts are accompanied by mock-ups to give a better impression of the completed project. 
      • A discussion with the client then takes place to understand how the project can be further developed if they decide to pursue the project. 
      Scoping for Shotoku Broadcast Systems
      shotoku camera behind the scenes of shotoku film

      Filming with Shotoku cameras

      Shotoku Broadcast Systems‘s brand film is just one of many projects that has benefitted from the scoping stage. Brand films, also known as homepage films or silver bullets, are best described as a companies purest and most condensed form of existence … existential crisis: pending!

      With pens and paper at the ready, we explored their core values, brand personality, ambitions, heritage, expertise and capabilities so we could expertly craft their brand film. The final product now proudly positions them as experts and leading professionals in their field. You know you want to watch it. Oh go on then, click here.

      James from Shotoku Broadcast Systems found that the scoping stage was an essential part of the creative process.

      ‘One of the things that separated Liquona from other agencies we considered was the focus on the scoping stage. This was a way to allow us, and Liquona, to explore the brief in some more depth than possible in the competitive RFP, but also see how the other party approaches the work.’ 

      ‘The working relationship between client and creative agency is vital; the scoping stage gave us a chance to experience that relationship at low risk before embarking on the major project.’

      If you want to scope out scoping, click here to start your scoping stage today! 

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