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      Preserving Inspiration: Liquona Acquires to Curate a Catalog of Past Animated Film Winners

      LiquonaΒ is excited to announce its recent acquisition of the domain

      This move underscores Liquona’s dedication to fostering the growth and innovation of the animation industry by preserving a curated collection of past winners from animated film projects. The newly established resource is available at and will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for future filmmakers and enthusiasts in the world of animated video projects.

      The initiative was born out of Liquona’s profound commitment to nurturing creativity and celebrating the artistry of animated storytelling. By curating a comprehensive catalogue of past winners from various animated film projects, Liquona aims to provide a dynamic resource that offers aspiring filmmakers, video production companies and the wider moving image industry professionals a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and draw inspiration from exceptional examples of animation excellence.

      Oliver Hall, operations director at Liquona says β€œWe believe that storytelling is an integral part of the human experience, allowing us to explore the depths of our imagination and share our unique perspectives with the world. The amazing work featured at the Imaginaria Film Festival has been a source of inspiration for many of our animation projects at Liquona, and by preserving a curated list of winners we aim to continue providing inspiration for the wider video production industry and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

      Key Features:

      • Inspiration for Creatives: The newly launched resource will showcase a curated selection of award-winning animated film projects from previous festivals, spanning various styles, techniques, and themes. This treasure trove of creativity will inspire and guide animators, filmmakers, and storytellers to push their boundaries and explore new possibilities.
      • Educational Value: The catalogue will not only showcase the final works but also delve into behind-the-scenes insights, interviews with filmmakers, and commentary about animation techniques. This educational aspect aims to provide a valuable resource for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of the animation process.
      • Preserving Animation History: By curating and archiving award-winning animated films, Liquona is taking a proactive role in preserving the rich history and evolution of animation as an art form. This initiative aims to honour the legacy of animation while propelling its future potential.

      Liquona’s acquisition of the domain represents a commitment to paying homage to the brilliance of past animated film projects while nurturing the next generation of animation visionaries. As a company that thrives on innovation and creativity, Liquona sees this initiative as a way to contribute to the advancement of the animation industry and inspire a new wave of storytelling excellence.