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      Videos are a very powerful recruitment tool. This is a brief guide for using video for recruitment. Video acts as a window into your business and shows potential employees what it would be like to work at your company.

      It is essential that the video is well planned out and that you spend time on your brief. Make sure your agency understand your brief.

      It is important to remember that staff and customers will see your recruitment video. Think carefully about what you are saying in the script.Β  Remember to pay attention to what happens in the background of the video, and what is not in the script.

      If you still need convincing on the power of video then you might find this blog helpful.

      Would you want to work here?

      Ask yourself that question as you watch this video.

      Common Recruitment Video Mistakes

      This video demonstrates some classic mistakes that we see in video production. To understand why we need to look at the brief.

      Below is a typical brief we receive for a recruitment video:

      • Recruitment film to attract new staff
      • Show new office facilities
      • Portray the company as a fun place to work
      • Interview key staff about working at DCSL
      • A brand film to reflect the company externally

      Arguably this video ticks all these boxes. However there is one important box that this video does not tick…

      Ask yourself: would you want to work there?

      This is the most noteworthy question that we should be asking.


      Liquona example

      In contrast here is a video we made for an IT company with the same brief


      Let me ask you… would you want to work there?

      5 tips for your recruitment video content

      1. Remember to focus on the things you haven’t scripted
      2. Make the video punchy, energetic and engaging
      3. Trust the professionals
      4. Don’t take yourself too seriously
      5. Remember who is watching your video and what they need to know

      Please share this recruitment video guide with your colleagues!

      Other examples


      This example was produced for Loomis for their driver recruitment campaign.Β  In this project we spent time listening to the clients needs. We spent time planning every single scene because we know the impact this has.Β  As a result this campaign was hugely successful, here you can see what the client said.


      We hope you’ve enjoyed this recruitment video guide.