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      The best 360 films of 2016

      Valen’s Reef
      A fantastic journey through the Indonesian Reef and one man’s campaign to preserve it

      Fight for Fallujah
      An example of the incredibly immersive possibilities of news journalism

      GoPro VR Skydiving
      The closest thing to sky diving from your sofa!

      Samaritans – We listen
      A film putting you in the place of a Samaritans worker; their job is not as easy as it looks

      TheirWorld: Nepal Safe Schools
      Travel to Nepal to see the people rebuild their country after the devastating earthquakes

      Goggle: National Parks
      The National Parks of America in all their glory

      Google Spotlight Stories: Help
      The first of a new generation of movie experience; blending animation and live action

      BBC News: Step Inside the Large Hadron Collider
      Allowing you to see inside somewhere that has been making news headlines for years

      Baobab Studios: Invasion
      The future of Hollywood family feature films. Expect to see a lot of these videos around Christmas and Easter

      Expedia: How Far: Australia
      An advert for Expedia, but after experiencing it in 360 do you even need to go anymore?