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The ‘Blitz in 360’ : A Virtual reality Project

Using the latest film innovations to allow modern audiences to experience what it was like in the Blitz!

Underground Blitz 360 VR

We are an innovative film production agency based in Leatherhead, who have been producing virtual reality videos since 2014.

Virtual reality videos allow the viewer to look around ‘360’ inside a video, which they can watch on a headset or using their smart phone and a headset holder.

The result is a highly engaging and ‘immersive’ experience which makes the viewer feel as though they are actually there!

One of our own development projects is a reconstruction of the experience of being in the underground during a Blitz bombing, as air raid sirens sound and bombs thud over head, shaking the station platform.

We are currently looking for someone who experienced taking shelter in the underground during WWII, who can talk about their experience as we would love to add their voice to the animation.

This is not a financed project; it is a self-funded development project, so there is no fee payable to anyone for their involvement, but their story will be recorded for posterity!

We think it is important for future generations to hear and understand what the war was like, and this short film will do that.

If you know someone who would like to give their voice and ‘story’ to this project, please do make contact with us.

The contributor would most likely need them to come to our office in Leatherhead for the recording which will take about an hour.

It’ll be fun, and we’ll provide the tea and biscuits!

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