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      Tilt Shift Photography

      Tilt Shift Photography

      Tilt-Shift is an amazing technique in photography, and slowly making it’s way into video. It is an effect that makes things look miniature. Here is a <a title=”Tilt Shift Photography” href=”http://en.wikipedia view” target=”_blank”>Wiki article about it. Traditionally you would need a very expensive camera lens, and a lot of skill. To see some excellent images of this (probably the best I’ve ever seen) look up the Monoco F1 photos in Darren Heath’s website.

      The above image was taken on an iPhone and edited using the TiltShiftGen iPhone App. I must say, it does’t look too bad! Maybe the future of Tilt-Shift photos and video will be in the post production!?

      And as with most thing these days, whats working nicely with photography, video wants too. Given that pretty much all professional DSLRs can now shoot film it was only a matter of time before tilt shift videos started to appear online. This is perhaps one of the most famous ones of those.

      The look you can get out of it is a incredibly unique and very much in the ‘now’. Even Hollywood is starting to make a move on the technique as can be seen by the Henley sequence in the film The Social Network. Click here to take a look at the scene. Interestingly however like the iPhone app above all the effects were added in post as the filmmakers needed a way to mask the fact that the close up shots of the rowers were at a completely different place. It’s served as a great work around.

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