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      10 Tips to help choose your video company

      The research leads to a simple conclusion.  You should be using video to grow your business.

      In this article we’ll look at each of these points in turn.

      1. Are they actually any good?
      2. Do they understand your communications needs?
      3. Do they develop a clear brief to send out?
      4. Are they a good fit culturally?
      5. Are they coming up with new creative?
      6. Do they have capacity in-house?
      7. Are they cost effective?
      8. Is your investment safe?
      9. Are they recognised by peers?
      10. Dot they just tick boxes?

      Tip #1 Are they actually any good?

      You have to see beyond the showreel of a video production company. It is very easy to assemble a great looking showreel. It is much harder to make content that reaches the right audience. Look for metrics, look for results and look for testimonials from previous clients.

      Tip #2 Do they understand your communications needs?

      There are lots of frustrated film directors out there that are looking to spend your money to make a film that they want to make. It’s important that the company you choose has the right approach to designing a creative that will reach your audience. They need to research and understand you as a brand.

      Tip #3 Develop a clear brief

      Not sure why this is tip number three as this is the most important point. Your brief will make or break the project. The two most important components of your brief are: 1. the key message you’re trying to communicate and 2. who are you trying to communicate to.

      Your brief should include detailed information about the target audience, what makes them tick, what are they interested in, demographics etc.

      Your brief should also include links to videos that you like, and videos that you don’t like.

      Finally, your brief must include a budget, creative ideas can be limited by budget.  Get the budget out in the open at the start

      Tip #4 Are they a good fit culturally?

      You are going to have to work closely with this company!  Simply ask if you like the people you’re dealing with and do they have the same core values!

      Tip #5 Are they creative?

      There are hundreds of video production companies in the UK that make the same videos week in and week out. Sometimes this is exactly what you require but, if you’re trying to engage an audience then your content also needs to be engaging and creative!

      Look at their portfolio, is all their work the same?

      Tip #6 Do they have the capacity to do it in-house?

      Lot of UK video companies are small two or three person companies with multiple freelancers.  Make sure that the company you choose has the capacity in their in-house team to do the work within your timescale.  Using freelances can be risky, is that risk worth taking?

      Tip #7 Are they cost effective?

      Make no mistake, good video is expensive.  You have to make sure that as much of your budget is going ‘on screen’ as possible.  Every extra pound that you spend should translate into a better video.  You might find our guide on production values helpful here.

      Tip #8 Is your investment safe?

      You should be asking the following questions of your production company:

      • Are their accounts in good order?
      • How do they backup footage on the day of the shoot?
      • How do they backup all project files throughout the project?
      • Are you protected from risk, do they carry out risk assessments on their shoots?
      • Do they do annual safety training with staff?
      • Is their kit well maintained?
      • Do they have the appropriate insurance?

      Tip #9 Are they recognised by peers?

      A great company will be recognised by peers.  In the UK there is a list of top production companies in the Televisual Top 50.

      Tip #10 Don’t just tick boxes

      You are choosing a creative partner that is going to represent your company externally.  This is not a box ticking exercise (even if procurement make it one). Make sure that you are asking the right questions, ask about their creative process.  On paper lots of companies will look the same, so you have to dig a little deeper to make sure you’re working with a great supplier. Use this guide to choosing your video partner

      We have a great blog about what happens when you just tick boxes here.

      Who are Liquona?

      LIQUONA are an award winning moving image agency. We specialise in creating content that your viewers want to watch, giving more cut through, and ultimately achieving your goals form the video.