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      The John Lewis Christmas advert is THE most anticipated cinematic release… and this year is no different (sorry, 007!).

      Squeezing an elaborate storyline into just 60 seconds is a tough gig, but the creative geniuses over at adam&eveDDB  (the creative agency with whom they’ve had a longterm partnership with) do just that!

      The Unexpected Guest 2021

      A spaceship crash lands in the English countryside, and the young boy who witnesses it offers to show the stranded Alien some of our best loved Christmas traditions. Narrowly avoiding a mince pie mishap, the alien and the boy strike up a friendship; they celebrate the festive season by watching Christmas films and sharing joy in a snowball fight.

      As all true alien stories go, the alien fixes their ship and must return to the sky. Before they go, the young boy gifts his Christmas jumper, adorned with a light up Christmas tree…

      There are certainly mixed reviews, with some calling the ad ‘such a straight-down-the-line John Lewis Christmas advert that you can only imagine it was assembled by tombola’, and ‘undeniably heart-warming, but it is not out of this world‘.

      However, there is no denying the cultural impact that the John Lewis ads have had in the UK over the past ten years.

      Why are John Lewis Christmas ads so successful?

      ‘It is a perfect value exchange – the ad is selling something, but also brings joy into the lives of the people it is selling to’ – Vicki Holgate, chief strategy officer at FCB Inferno

      Every year, John Lewis nail the perfect festive formula to give us more than a slice of festive joy. Creating loveable characters and sending songs to the top rankings of the UK Top 40’s charts, we’re all chomping at the bit to see where they’ll go next.

      While the ultimate goal is to raise the brand awareness of John Lewis & Partners and persuade shoppers to spend their money in John Lewis stores, there is more that goes into making the Christmas ads – and that’s why they’re so successful.

      Among the obvious gifting and receiving which are common themes in most Christmas advertisements, John Lewis explore the ideas of bringing people together, coming home and family relationships, as well as the nation’s mood (Jenny Proudfoot).

      Give a Little Love 2020

      Last year we saw the world of animation and live action collide. The Give A Little Love advert subtly references the turmoil caused by the Pandemic, encouraging viewers to give a little love to those around you.

      Excitable Edgar 2019

      In 2019 we met the characterful Edgar, an excitable young dragon who strikes up a friendship with a young girl.

      The Boy and the Piano 2018

      Starring Elton John, the advert makes use of some spectacular VFX (visual effects). This ad gives the viewer a retrospective view of Elton John’s life, celebrating the moment he was gifted a piano at 4 years old.