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      What’s the True Value of Strong Business Relationships?

      What makes a successful business relationship? At Liquona, we believe it is the value in service, communication and personalised experiences. 

      Signs your business relationship is failing 
      • They send Regards, instead of Kind Regards
      • They don’t wish you a lovely weekend
      • You’re not on their Christmas card list
      • Communication is difficult; you take a big sigh before opening their email
      • You don’t get bespoke services
      • Your needs aren’t always met

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      Developing a strong value-based relationship

      We’ve long moved on from traditional transactional relationships that act as a resource to one another’s assets. Instead, more companies are adopting a value-based relationship with clients and partners. 

      We like to think of it like buying a puppy – business partnerships are for life, not just for Christmas. 

      Tailoring your service to a client’s specific needs results in a hyper-personalised service. Companies will build strong rapports among their clients, and it is this level of individual service that improves brand loyalty, and provides a higher return on investment.  Win-win! Since a returning customers costs less than acquiring new ones, there is value in putting effort into your client communications… just think wine and dine over a one time fling. 

      Mixed Messages 

      To position your company as a strong pillar for building and maintaining relationships, this requires consistent internal communication across departments. This is a vital aspect of ensuring that a client’s needs are understood company wide. All communication the client has with various touchpoint across departments should be consistent. 

      Businesses with Benefits 

      In order for clients and partners to value your business, you must also value theirs. Mutual benefits are drawn when one understands how the other operates, and what they offer. Having genuine interest will build interpersonal relationships between key touchpoint across both of the businesses, meaning often, people are willing to go the extra mile to help find relevant solutions.  

      Liquona’s Dos
      • Trust! The key to every successful and healthy relationship
      • Be clear and transparent. People value honesty as it raises the integrity of the organisation
      • Respect the client’s offering. If the client creates excellent content, then Liquona use our skillsets in communicating this
      • Step into creative spaces on the clients behalf. If the client is not a creative organisation, take on the executive role of content creation, and use your brilliant creative minds. 
      Liquona’s Don’ts
      • Be late for dates 
      • Always rely on the other person to pay
      • Talk with your mouth full
      • Leave dirty socks on the floor 

      We value equal, honest, and value based relationships. 

      We never turn a date down! Contact us here to enquire about your next moving image project. 

      We value equal, honest, and value based relationships. Contact us here to enquire about your next moving image project.