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Virtual Reality ‘Hands On’ morning

Get to grips with Virtual Reality Video

Heard about Virtual Reality? Think it’s for geeks? ..It’s not! This cutting edge technology offers a highly lifelike, sensory experience with a myriad of powerful applications for corporate communications (and much more) – and it’s now available in Leatherhead, Surrey.

When: Thursday 7th May

Where: All Saints Cafe, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7BT

Time: ’Hands On’ will run from 10am to 12pm. All Saints is open from 8am until 3pm

RSVP: Register an interest in attending here on  Eventbrite.

VR Film services

Experience virtual reality video

Liquona is offering a unique opportunity to discover first-hand just why Virtual Reality is creating waves in the world of media – from advertising, marketing and education to TV, Hollywood … and beyond. Join us for a ‘Hands On’ morning at All Saints Cafe, where you can experience the next generation VR headset for yourself.

You will be able to talk to our production team about what VR can do for your industry, network a little and enjoy a coffee – all in the fab setting of All Saint’s Cafe. *


“In the early days of mobile phones, most people could only perceive these ‘digital wonders’ being used to make calls. Mobiles have since revolutionised the way our world works. In a similar vein; Virtual Reality is now primed to exit the ‘wonderment’ stage and go stratospheric; changing the experience of digital consumption forever.”

Matt Day, Creative Director, Liquona.

Virtual Reality Video – the lowdown VR has been around since the 80s; until now it’s been the preserve of the ‘techno geek’. The big game-changer was Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality headset developer Oculus in July 2014 for $2 billion. The move has opened the door to a whole new era of virtual reality for the masses. Widespread VR is almost here for the consumer. As a leading Surrey digital agency, Liquona will be at the forefront of VR film production. We’ve worked with early versions of the headset to perfect our VR provision; we’re proud to now be able to offer VR film production services alongside traditional film and animation production!

Meet Liquona Recognised as Leatherhead’s Best Business in 2014, Liquona produces creative communication films with a style and passion that has won national awards, including at EVCOM. Liquona’s client base features FTSE 100 companies, charities, healthcare companies and SMEs. From their Leatherhead studio Liquona produce 2D and 3D animations, traditional filming and now virtual reality films.

Meet Monochrome Experts in web application design and development. Monochrome are renowned for their ability to ‘Bring Life to Code’. Their team will also be on hand to talk through the technical implications and creative opportunities of integrating virtual reality in to your digital framework. Sharing an office in Leatherhead, Monochrome and Liquona together offer a unique and integrated proposition to exploit the opportunities offered by the emergence of openly accessible VR. We invite you to join us for the ride!

Enjoy All Saints Cafe All Saints is a new social enterprise coffee and sandwich company run by the Leatherhead Youth Project, giving local young people an opportunity to be employed and trained in a professional and positive working environment. It offers great coffee, gourmet sandwiches and cakes at in a unique setting – with complementary WiFi.

“Alongside serving great food and drink, All Saints provides a welcoming space to relax, work and meet. Having a development Oculus headset come to our cafe is the perfect blend: great coffee, innovation and fun We are proud to host this Hands On event as we were generously supported in our funding campaign by a Liquona video, so we know all too well the value of great video communications!”

Andy Gill, Managing Director, All Saints.


*Liquona will buy a tasty All Saints coffee for the first 20 attendees!

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