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      Queue person wearing VR headset to fall to an untimely heap on the floor, forgetting that they’re not a bird.

      man wearing VR headset falls over

      (Source: Daily Mail)

      What is VR, and Where Did it Come From? 

      To us 21st Century folk, virtual reality is an immersive technology which allows the user to interact with a computer generated simulation. 

      However, virtual reality has been a concept voiced in the public sphere from the 1930’s. Grauman Weinbaum’s protagonist in Pygmalion’s Spectacles invents a pair of fantasy goggles. Said goggles allow the wearer to experience sight, sound, smell and touch of another reality. Sounds freaky, huh?

      Since then, virtual reality has developed from storybook fantasy to a highly developed, working technology.  From the Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard and Google Daydream, there’s a plethora of options for VR entertainment. 

      Yet, can Virtual Reality act as a Service? 

      The future of Virtual Reality 

      Now, we don’t all have a magic ball to moon over and gaze into the future. But, here at Liquona, we do have some insights into the future of the application of Virtual Reality as a Service. This is otherwise known as VRaaS. It has quite the twang doesn’t it.  While there are numerous applications from digital catwalks to video games, there too are significant benefits in the corporate and third sector settings. 


      Training and Self Development 

      We’re working on tip top secret projects bringing VR to the people. We understand the power of immersive technologies – and believe that the service created from these techs can hugely benefit organisations and individuals. 

      We’ve even created a mini site for our client. We crafted a highly detailed 3D animation of the human anatomy, from bones, muscle groups, nervous systems and skin. The user interacts with the model for various functions, including learning the the best place to receive injections.  

      Can’t Make it to the Office? 

      Perhaps we’re in our eleventh lockdown. Maybe you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Or, you simply couldn’t make an event. How about attending virtually?  We think this is a viable way for companies to become greener and reduce costs while maintaining strong communication key stakeholders.  No longer will employees be isolated in the home office, but connected with their counterparts virtually. 


      Building contractors, architects, planning officers and the like will hugely benefit from Virtual Reality services. Build cost effective full scale prototypes to check for design errors and faults before starting a full-scale operation. 

      Resultantly, this pre-project auditing through the use of VR means businesses will be able to save costs on errors or traditional planning materials (physical prototypes), to receive a higher return on investment. 

      Explore Liquona’s virtual reality services and take a look at our portfolio.


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