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On every international British Airways flight from October 2012, a short film has been showing travellers the work that their own in-house charity Flying Start undertakes in partnership with Comic Relief. This charity video production had to date (March 2013) helped to raise over £4 million!

We produced a 1 minute film to encourage passengers to donate to Flying Start by giving their spare change in-flight.

This film was shot on location in Ghana.

We produced the film to very specific technical specifications to enable it to be played across the BA fleet primarily on an American tape based format, sized to the shape of the headrest screens.

The final shots were filmed on an aircraft undergoing maintenance in Terminal 5. The aircraft had no electrical power, so our lighting was battery powered and the screen, which was blank, had the video added to it in post production.

Our film:

Some behind the scenes photos

Charity video production from liquona london

Charity video production from liquona london

Charity video production from liquona london

With thanks to Sam Spurgeon for the photos.

We know NGOs

One of our NGO clients told us that they appreciate our ability to…  

…leave light footprints on the ground.

We were thrilled with this feedback. We know how to tell stories, capture stunning visuals and direct seemingly effortless sequences, but crucially we also add to your work, not hinder it.

We understand the need to be culturally appropriate and are mindful of the work our clients do.

When we shoot ‘in the field‘ we aim to contribute to your efforts and strengthen the relationships there, not to exhaust them.

We have filmed in urban and rural settings in Ghana, Nepal, Peru, Egypt, Cambodia and Uganda to name a few, and are very experienced at packing the right equipment to suit the job and the filming methods that work best in foreign cultures and climates.

In 2011 we gladly received CBC Media Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Production, and in 2012 for Best Documentary, all awarded for our overseas charity films.

Charity video production from LIQUONA

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