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The BVA promotional film to show the value of the BVA, with contributions from member vets, staff and the association’s president.

Shot in just two days the; the BVA promotional film gives an overview of the work and the value of the BVA.

We proposed a series of talking head interviews, intercut with footage of the person ‘doing the day job’ to give a range of perspectives on the BVA. Each person describes the organisation from their point of view in an interview to ‘off camera’.

We put the contributors at ease, to get them talking in relaxed terms about the BVA so that their contribution feels friendly and authentic.

We wanted each person to speak in a way that showed a genuine passion and belief in their job, the profession and the BVA.

We used a scaled down 2-man crew to keep costs to a minimum, and one of our broadcast HD cameras; the Canon C300, for a high end look.

Filming with animals can sometimes bring its own challenges, but on this occasion everything went smoothly.

The tripod just needed a thorough cleaning after being used on a dairy farm! The opening shot features a star performer ‘Reggie’; possibly the cutest dog we have ever seen, and Ewok ‘lookalike’.

This is an example of a culture film, or vision and values video.

Filming vets in action BVA promotional filmTalking head interview calf


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