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      corporate video production company london liquona


      Liquona’s award winning video production team are experts in filming high quality client case studies and testimonial videos. Liquona produce moving image productions, from talking head videos to 3D animations, for a huge variety of clients.

      Case Studies and Client Testimonial Videos

      How can you build your brand’s integrity? Well, client case studies and client testimonial films are a very powerful way to reach your audience and build trust among current and prospective clients. This video filmed for LinkedIn was part of their series of client case studies and testimonials. Not only did we make a slick and stylish video, we also managed to film Catherine in just little over an hour. To provide some other visuals in the interview, we captured some extra shots from throughout the ITV studios!

      Client case studies and testimonials are simple yet effective way to give your clients a voice, and let them celebrate your brand.

      We always make sure that all of our video production services are inline with your existing communications. This means that we’ll handle the hard bit –Β  like setting up the background, lighting, andΒ  camera positioning. As a result your client can just sit back, relax, and talk to us about you!

      LinkedIn Case Study BTS Photos

      The client case study video with Catherine was filmed in a meeting room at ITV studios using London as a backdrop out of the window!

      corporate video production company london liquona

      The crew used a tilt-shift lens to create a unique set of GV’s for this case study video.

      Client case study video production from LIQUONA

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