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      What is an Explainer Video?

      Explain [verb] “make (an idea or situation) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts”
      An explainer video will simply and stylishly explain your product or service to your target audience in a clear and concise way.

      This explainer video illustrates the power of video in a clear visual way.

      Will we get a good ROI?

      The best way to answer this question is for you to read a recent client testimonial..

      For example, someone who lands on our website after searching Google for “HR Software” will request a quote a little over 2% of the time. If they watch the explainer video this enquiry rate shoots up to over 70%!!!

      David – Octopus – Read the full quote here.

      This is the film we made…

      How long should my explainer video be?

      You can find the answer to this question by looking at your target audience. An online audience have a very short attention span. There are no rules but typically an explainer video should last no longer than two minutes.

      In the example video below you will see how much information you can get across in just over 90 seconds!

      This explainer animation was produced for PayPoint.

      How do I write such a short script?

      …you don’t!
      We do!!

      Look at this example

      This example video was produced for our client. We condensed a complex manufacturing process into a short 60 second explainer video helping them win new clients!

      So what next?

      Call our award winning video production team or fill in our quote form now!

      Want to see more examples? Have a look at our animation portfolio here