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To give the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients, many of our films are designed with future foreign language re-versions in mind, either as part of the initial project scope, or simply as future proofing for the ‘one day’.

We can design projects to be easy to translate in the future, and can deliver foreign language versions.

Language re-versions for foreign markets might feature subtitling, voice over or a combination of these, which can be added to the existing primary language version of the film.

Far better for the target audience is for the film to not appear as though it has been re-versioned for a second market. In order to make every market feel like the primary audience, we would avoid culture-specific references in the film’s script and the visuals. We might also design the film to work mostly in voiceover, avoiding much in-vision speech so that translated ‘dubbing’ is not required. The original language voice over can then be swapped out for a new language, as can any on screen text, meaning the the viewer is ‘none the wiser’ that the film was ever intended for any audience other than them.

As we work with global brands, we have produced many foreign language re-versions; see a sample below. If you are looking for a company to translate your video, or looking for a production company to make a film for use overseas, call us on 0207 757 7473.


CP Electronics

From the start of the project we designed this film to work well in foreign languages, using voiceover and text which could easily be ‘swapped out’ for new languages including Turkish, Italian, German and French.

The German version…


See the original English version here

Smart Focus

Again, designed to work well in foreign languages, voiceover and text were ‘swapped out’ for many language version languages.

The German version…

See the original English version here


By contrast, this film was shot in a local Ugandan language, using a translator to interface with our English speaking director.

Translations were simultaneously captured on camera for subsequent translation, subtitling and dubbing. In a film such as this appeal film, it is important to see the contributor speaking in their native language to add validity to what they said, and to show that they are a real person!


Wondering.. Is there a video production company who makes foreign language versions?  Yep! You’ve found us…!