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      Do you need a video made for multiple languages? We make foreign language reversions and offer video translation services

      Ensuring your video is future proofed

      Foreign language reversions and video translations are a great way to maximise your video’s return on investment (ROI). Many of our films are designed with future foreign language reversions in mind. This can be arranged either as part of your initial project scope, or simply as future proofing for the one day.

      Language reversion and Video translation

      Language reversions for foreign markets might feature subtitling, voice over, or a combination of the two. We add these assets to the existing primary language of your video.

      To provide the best experience for your audience, your film should not appear as though it has been reversioned for a second market. To make every market feel like the primary audience, we would avoid culture-specific references – both in the film’s script and the visuals.

      We would advise designing the video to work mostly in voiceover. By avoiding as much in-vision speechΒ  as possible, the leastΒ  amount of translated ‘dubbing’ is required. The original language voice over can then be swapped out for a new language, as can any on screen text. Consequently, the viewer is none the wiser that your film was ever intended for any other audience but them!

      We work with global brands

      You’ll be glad to know that we’re not confined to the UK! We have produced many foreign language reversions; see a sample below.

      If you are looking for a video production company to translate your video, or to make a film for use overseas, then call us on 0207 757 7473Β today!

      CP Electronics

      From the start of the project we designed this film to work well in foreign languages. For example, we used voiceover and text to ensure that the video seamlessly transitioned from one language to another. It is all in the small nuances. You don’t want to inaccurately dub a voice over a live speaker because this pulls the production value and overall quality down. Our client needed this video translated into lots of languages including Turkish, Italian, German and French.

      The German version:


      See the original English version here

      Smart Focus

      As you can see, the same formula of language reversion is applied to each of these videos. In this case, we opted for voice over to avoid dubbing, and text on screen which is easily changeable.

      The German version:

      See the original English version here


      By contrast, this film was shot in a local Ugandan village where the contributors spoke in their native language. Whilst out there, our film crew used a translator to communicate with the Ugandan people.

      The translations from our guide to our English speaking director were also captured on camera This meant we could provide an accurate account of what was said for the subsequent translation, subtitling and dubbing. To make your video feel more authentic, you can show your audience the contributor speaking in their native language. In a film such as this appeal film, it is really important because it adds adds validity to what they said, and shows that they are a real person!



      If you’re wondering ‘Is there a video production company who makes foreign language versions?’ then wonder no more!

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