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      Wondering how to recruit more foster carers with an online video?

      Need a fostering recruitment video campaign for Foster Care Fortnight?

      Work for a local authority that wants to recruit more foster carers?

      LIQUONA's tried and tested foster recruitment campaign packs are perfect for you.

      We've taken the hassle and cost out of creating a multi media campaign.

      Based around a stunning hero recruitment animation, our content options equip you for tv, radio, social advertising and print!

      Get started by calling 0207 7577473 or mail

      You choose which pack is right for you

      There are 4 campaign packs to choose from. Choose just one or several. With any selection you make, even the 99p bargain pack - you will get the print pack included for FREE.

      All campaign packs are based on the same beautiful, impactful and authentic creative, scripted by a foster carer, developed with a local authority and voiced by a foster carer!

      1. BARGAIN PACK 99p* The 30 second hero video licensed to you for use on your social channels, website and in face 2 face meetings for 9 months. All paid for advertising is excluded from the license, including social ads. If you want to include paid for - choose the Social pack.
      2. SOCIAL PACK £2999* The 30 second social ad and 3 x 10 second social shorts, delivered in widescreen and square shape.  2 x animated GIFS for twitter, insta and an insta story. All subtitled. You are licensed to use the content organically for 9 months. We run the paid for campaign for you. Includes a £1,000 online budget, which you can top up if you like! To have this content personalised - see the optional extras below.
      3. TV PACK £4,999*. The 30 second TV ad, personalised with your call to action and contact details! This pack even includes £3,000 of media spend on local Sky TV channels, which you can top up if you wish. We'll take care of everything to get you on air.
      4. RADIO PACK £4,500*. The 30 second radio ad personalised with your call to action and contact details ready for us to send to your local radio stations, and this pack includes £2,500 of radio media spend!

      *All prices quoted are subject to VAT. To secure the advertised special prices, conditions apply.

      Conditions available upon request and upon application.


      With every purchase you get:

      • Image pack for FREE! Files include:  A1 poster, 2 x email/ web banners, 3 x pop up floor banners, A5 leaflet, static square social image.  All ready for you to add your own call to action, logo and contact details (or we can do this design work for you as an optional extra).
      • Dedicated producer (Yes they fit in the pack too) No matter which packages you choose, your dedicated producer will be on call to handle your project.

      Ask for more info at

      Our Approach

      ECONOMY. By using the same, yet personalised ad for different authorities, we offer campaign packs at a far lower price than if content were made to order for each customer.

      EFFICIENCY. Because the content is ready made, we can deliver very quickly; your ads could be working for you on radio, online, on TV and in print in just a few days. We take care of everything! Our unique approach is designed to save councils valuable time and money.

      AUTHENTICITY. Designed by our creative director, a Surrey foster carer (read his blog about how businesses can support fostering), we collaborated with Surrey Council fostering service and their own stakeholder focus group. The working group included the families team, social workers and foster carers. This campaign draws on years of collective expertise to equip authorities with the most effective messaging possible.

      The ad itself was voiced by a foster carer.

      We LOVE the concept and strap line: "Make your ordinary Extraordinary"! This encapsulates the fostering experience better than anything we've seen before and it reaches out to the audience that fostering is something that ordinary people can undertake.

      Social services and Fostering Recruitment Focus Group

      Optional Extras

      Want your regional dialect? No problem. We'll record a professional voiceover with an accent from your region, to replace our existing voiceover on the content. £POA

      Want your social pack personalised? No problem. We'll record and design your call to action and branding. £999

      Want more media spend on radio or TV? No problem. You set your budget and we'll share a proposed media plan to meet with it. £ You choose!

      Need those print assets designed? No problem - You get the print package for free when you buy any other package from us. We'll just spend a little time tailoring those assets with your contact details, call to action and logo. £799.


      Are there any ongoing licenses to pay?

      Nope. The digital ads are licensed to you for 9 months with no ongoing royalty payments in that period. You can extend the license if required. The print pack is yours to keep using as long as you like because we don't want to encourage waste by ending the license.

      Can I use the advert myself on radio, TV or 'paid for' online adverts?

      Nope. We retain that role as your media agency.  More TV and radio media can be purchased by LIQUONA and managed for you. We will charge an admin fee of just £250 for us to repeat process each commercial to broadcasters each time you want a fresh airing. For additional digital paid for spend we will quote.

      Can I have a different media spend?

      Yep! The media budget outlined in the packages that we offer are minimal entry price points. You can set your budget for the media spend and we'll give you a media plan for your consideration showing how that budget can be best used to target your audiences.

      After the license period can I use the assets and what about legacy social posts?

      After 9 months you can no longer use any of the digital assets, unless you purchase an extension license at great prices. You do not need to remove social posts that were made during the license period, but you cannot reshare or refresh them, and our content can no longer be featured on your websites.

      What's next?

      Call 0207 7577473 or mail

      See what the campaign pack looks like when it's tailored to an individual authority: Surrey Foster Ad

      Get ready for foster care fortnight.