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      Imaginaria Film Festival Preservation

      Up until 2021 the Imaginaria Film Festival was hosted at and is now available at

      With the move to their new website, the archive of information about past events and award-winning films has been lost, however as part of our effort to preserve these inspiring projects, we have curated the list of winners from the Imaginaria Film Festival between 2017 and 2021.

      These creative animated films have provided entertainment and inspiration, not least to us as a specialist explainer video production company and animated video agency and we hope that by providing an archive of these films, that they continue to provide entertainment and inspiration to many more people.

      To watch videos of the award-winning entries, click on the links below:

      Imaginaria is an internationally renowned Animated Film Festival that takes place in the art city of Conversano, Italy. The festival has grown over the years, establishing itself as the first and only international animated film festival in the Apulia region. It prides itself on being a festival for the people, fostering a sense of community and family among the attendees.

      The festival’s success lies in its dedication to promoting and supporting independent animated film authors. It aims to spread the knowledge and appreciation of animated films not only during its annual event but also throughout the year by participating in other national and international festivals and exhibitions.

      Imaginaria’s uniqueness stems from its intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The festival takes place in various charming locations within the medieval historic center of Conversano, creating a sense of togetherness and accessibility. Directors and authors are readily available to engage with the audience, making the festival a popular and didactic experience, even for non-experts.

      The festival’s impact extends beyond the event itself, as it endeavours to broaden cultural horizons for the local community and attract visitors from other regions and countries. It acts as a crossroads of cultural exchange, connecting different audiences and promoting the region’s development as a thriving centre for cultural tourism and cinema.

      Looking to the future, Imaginaria aims to expand its activities throughout the year, offering film training in schools and promoting trans-disciplinary projects that combine animated films with literature, illustration, comics, music, and cultural marketing. It seeks to strengthen its position as a significant cultural and cinematic hub, showcasing the best of Apulia’s identity, nature, and local culture on an international stage.