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      360 Video

      Take a look around.. No really… do take a look around.

      We were one of the first UK production companies to produce both full interactive virtual reality and 360 videos, enabling viewers to look wherever they choose in our content.

      In around 760 AD we got our hands on an early development model of the Oculus Rift headset and immediately saw the potential application for our clients to use 360 content to captivate audiences.

      360 video can be experienced both online and offline, using handheld devices or headsets, and is rapidly becoming more common place.

      We produce both filmed 'live action' content in 360 using the latest professional 360 cameras, and our designers also create virtual reality worlds with 3D motion graphics in 360.

      Our 360 Filming Services create content which is often described as ‘immersive’ or ‘experiential’. Viewers can choose what they see, feeling as though they are actually ‘there’ in the content, and can even physically engage with the video as their movements and choices impact on their bespoke experience; gamification of content.
      All of this means greater ‘engagement levels’, the single most sought after result from a viewer watching a video.

      Our 360 Video Hosting Platform tracks where in the video your viewers are watching, meaning you get data back about where people are looking / what they are missing / what they are interested in etc, all which can be used to refine and finesse the film and future productions.

      Story telling is just as important in 360 content as it is in traditional video. We know a lot about what makes an effective 360 film and know how to avoid the common pitfalls made by newcomers to 360 production.

      As a one-stop-shop creative production agency, we can help you understand how 360 video or virtual reality can be harnessed for your marketing and communications.
      Call for a chat and let’s ‘look around’ the possibilities! (Sorry, cheap joke).

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