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What do we mean when we talk about production values?

The higher the production value the more engaging your film will be.

For example, there is a good reason why the X-Factor film with more than 10 studio cameras.  Having lots of cameras means you can regularly switch camera angle, keeping the energy high. Every time you switch angle you give the audience a different perspective and this helps to keep them interested.  Imagine watching a live X-Factor final from just one camera position, we guarantee you would switch off after a few minutes.

At LIQUONA we put our client’s budget on screen, which means that the greater the budget, the more we can do for you.

Production Values Explained


For high production values we would recommend:

The director is a vital element of a high production value crew.  The director focuses on the performance of the contributors, putting them at ease and producing the content of the film.

Click here to see films produced with these high production values.


For mid production values we would recommend:

As the production crew is reduced, the quality of equipment used is also reduced.  These videos will be editorially robust as the director is present, but they will not look as good as the high production value films.

Click here to see mid production value films.

For economic production values we would recommend:

Our economy production model should only be used for experienced contributors who are great at delivering a short message.  With this setup you run the risk of increasing your edit costs due to the shoot overrunning, which can give a false economy.  With a reduced crew we will not be able to supply lighting or specialist equipment.

Click here to view our economy production value films

What about animation?

To understand more about production values for our animations and to see examples at each level, see here.

The Stats…

The higher the production values, the better the audience retention will be. Across the videos on this website the videos with high production values have an average engagement (the amount of the video that is watched) of 51%. The videos with mid production values have engagement of 38%.

The higher the audience retention and engagement the more likely you will be to achieve a return on investment.

Every video we make is bespoke.  If you have any questions please contact one of our producers who will be happy to help.