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      Are you looking to get more consistent content?

      Our retained video service could be just the ticket!  Individual videos are great, but they work much better when they are built into a responsive campaign across a number of months.  Sometimes you don't yet know what your requirements will be in the coming weeks.

      Our stats show that of the people who play the video they are TEN times more likely to make an enquiry through our website than those who don’t watch the video...

      David - Octopus HR


      Your 12 month support strategy

      We will work alongside you to identify any planned deliverables across the contract duration. Alongside these core deliverables we'll create supporting visuals to help your communications.

      These could be as simple as updates to your main videos, social media films, or internal communications updates.

      This results in multiple videos and social media content.   We even help with dissemination (getting your viewers to view your video), that might be a paid campaign on Linkedin, or YouTube adverts, among other options.

      Below is an outline of what is included but of course it's all bespoke and can be adjusted to your requirements.

      Your package includes ... 

      • Core deliverables
      • Setup meeting to establish a communications plan
      • Dedicated hours with our creative team
      • Monthly skype meetings with account managers
      • Creative Director input to all your deliverables
      • Quicker access to creative solutions
      • Access to better production prices

      Benefits to you

      • Higher quality production work at a lower cost
      • Consistency of message and branding across all communications
      • Focus given to creative output rather than budget
      • Monthly reports from your account manager
      • Additional support outside of the agreed deliverables
      • Build and catalogue your video asset library to make future videos easier and cheaper
      • Bespoke workflow based on your requirements and timelines

      What does it cost?

      Our retained services are bespoke to your requirements.

      Typical budgets are between £2,000 and £10,000 + VAT pcm

      Find our more about your retained service partner

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